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To all my Republican Friends and to Congress: Quit all the Bitching and get to work and DO SOMETHING: your JOB!

That is why you were elected, and that is why your are getting paid. Earn your money and all those  paid medical benefits and free luncheons.

As the old saying goes, LEAD, Follow or Get the hell out of the WAY!!


City Charter Requires Police Chief

Let’s be clear, the previous City Manager created a Faux Pas “Department of Public Safety;” an Administrative public fraud action. The Manager then staffed the non-existent Department of Public Safety with a Director.

The previous City Manager slithered around the City Charter’s Police Department language by producing a legal opinion for a “hypothetical” Department of Public Safety. This action was then followed up by a Councilman’s motion with approval to hire an independent contractor or at-will employee.

The Administration’s political atmosphere and research for the Director’s position brought forth the formerly retired Chief of Police, Clarence Goodlein’s resume as the candidate of choice for the position.

The rational behind the political scene was to save the city money. The retired Chief gained his old job but with a new title. The Administration’s political view was a win-win solution for all! However, the internal structure of the Police Department made no sense and a large deficiency in the command structure prevailed.

The City of Wixom’s Charter states in Sec. 6.5. Chief of Police…”The Police Chief…shall be accountable and responsible to the City Manager.” The Charter requires a Police Department and Police Chief; therefore, a command structure for organization and administrative control of the department’s budget, personnel management, administrative efficiencies and effectiveness is a requirement.

Within the last 2014-2015 Budget adopted by the Council, the City Manager, Mr. Nowicki, gained approval for two-Lieutenant’s positions creating a Police Department command structure. It is essential that the residents recognize that it has taken approximately thirty-years to get the new command structure needed to adequately service the community.

Mr. Nowicki understands Police Department structure and organizational necessity. In discussing this Police Department staffing needs and the Charter requirements of (PD) with many residents, it is a consensus of opinions that a comment and recommendation be made to the City Manager and Council to complete a research effort for a Police Chief as the City Charter requires.

This research initiative should be undertaken by the City Manager and the Council. Council should initiate the legislative action and approval for authorizing Mr. Nowicki to proceed with the research for potential Police Chief candidates.

Supporting this initiative is the thirty-year old, well-written but dusty, Wage and Salary Committee’s previously defined job description of the responsibilities of the Police Chief.

It’s true, the past is prologue, but the time has come for the Council to do what is necessary for the community’s Police Department.   The recruiting of a Police Chief will stream line the efficiency of the Department, and a Police Chief satisfies the Charter’s requirement for accountability and responsibility of the position.

Mr. Nowicki has taken the leadership for moving the Police Department into a well-structured and efficient department with two-lieutenants and the added incentives for personnel to advance within the department. The next step is to research for a Police Chief and is a reasonable and responsible action.

This initiative requires the legislative leadership of the City Manager, the Mayor, and the Council to further this effort. Through their unity, the Administration will bring the Police Department into a fully functional, well-structured organization.

Council should recognize the circumstances of the present unknown challenges and insecurities that confront a worried public about police and security issues. Action and leadership by the City Manager, the Mayor and the City Council are essential in this important matter.

Finally, the Faux Pas ‘Department of Public Safety” would be eliminated.

There is no reason not to have a Police Chief as required by the City Charter.


City Manager, Nowicki and Staff Reduce Budget Deficits

There is good news for the taxpayers of Wixom! I have to write it again,”There is good news for the taxpayers of Wixom!

City Manager, Tony Nowicki and his staff have made significant and extensive strides in reducing the  disruptive potential that a busted economy can have on the city’s services.

Tony Nowicki has reorganized the Administration’s staffing of many departments, structured the Police Department’s command structure with two-Lieutenants, streamlined the Finance Department and the DPW. The Fire Department is doing well, and they just got a brand new piece of equipment which was  needed. Presently, all is at full-speed at City Hall and the Citizens should appreciate this fact.

With his own unique style of management and team building, Mr. Nowick should be acknowledged by our citizens and appreciated for his Administrative management and strategic budgeting efforts.

Some consideration also has to go to Council for they too have had some tough decisions to make. However, it is not the job of the Council to micro-manage the man they hired to do the tough job of reorganizing an administration that was deeply in denial of the obvious debt issues. Give Council credit for all those Budget Study Sessions and late hours of work leading to passing a balanced budget.

Mr. Nowicki’s team building has made progress in reducing costs and saving taxpayers dollars. He and his staff have achieved many of their goals and objectives for maintaining services while reducing costs that where previously pushing the taxpayers further into debt.

What has changed? Gone is a previously Administration that was hell-bent on raising taxes and maintaining an unaffordable staffing status-quo, aligning management with unattainable and unrealistic strategic planning, and presenting unattainable budget recommendations. Thankfully, this is in the past and the future is brighter.

A City Manager has to make many undesirable decisions when dire economic issues raise their ugly head out of a muddled revenue stream. Now the Administration has made obvious progress in addressing staffing, sharing fringe benefit costs on an equal partnership with employer to employee’s contributions made to fund retirement systems. I have always said that promises made to employees have to be kept. Promises made have been kept.

Certainly, the City Manager and his team have more challenges ahead. The Council has also supported Mr. Nowicki in consideration of those challenges. However, there is a number of changes made by this Council that are costing taxpayers dollars and were not a part of the City Manager’s program of getting costs reduced.

Micro-management injected into the Manager’s budget is bad business; review and comment, certainly; micro-management and staffing, definitely NOT! Hold the Manager accountable for what is successfully achieved as well as responsible for those developments that need correction.

But don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

Mr. Nowicki has added staffing and structure to the Police Department. It has only taken 30-years to get a Police Department command structure. Hopefully, we will be back under the City Charter when we can get Council to approve the Position of Police Chief that is certainly desirable.

Police Departments require a command structure for obvious reasons. Needless-to-say a potential for promotion up through the ranks of all employees is essential. No new officer wants to work in a department with no possibility for a promotion. Without internal depaartment structure, the new-hire works for three-years gaining experience and then moves on to a job with future potential! Turnover of Police employees is not a foundation to have knowledgeable city officers.

Certainly, there is much left to do in the coming Budget years, but Mr. Nowicki and his staff are on the right track…provided the Council can control their desire to micro-manage the city service needs and staffing.

Mr. Nowicki knows this city better than anyone; he knows his staffing needs. Furthermore, to date, his team of professionals have reduced costs and  maintained services without missing a heart-beat.

Let us support the City Manager and his staffing and their efforts to continue the progress made to date. The benefits of such support will be a real potential for unwarranted requests for future tax increases.

Any member of Council’s statement of, “I think we need” is not a valid request! “Thinking” is not a fact if there is no basis in fact supporting the need. Any member of Council must substantiate with fact/s any request made of the City Manager. Council should Legislate not micro-manage the Administration.

Mr. Nowicki and the Administration are succeeding in their difficult task to retain city services and keep a balanced budget with revenues available. With council’s help, what could not previously be done, is getting done. The city is getting out of debt and the budget is balanced…there may even be a surplus! Time will tell when all the figures are finally known.

The State of Michigan and Oakland County have a way of making budgets difficult.

In closing , Mr. Nowicki’s message to Council (April 8, 2014) in the Operating Budget year 2014-2015 is one of the finest and most succinct three-page Budget Messages that I have ever read.

It is worth noting and reading again. The Administration is on track with its goals and objectives of that report and the community’s taxpayers are the benefactors.

How about that!

P.S.  VOTE, VOTE, VOTE on November 4th…

Judge Brian MacKenzie’s Misconduct Continues

Judge MacKenzie           A Must Read by Voters on:



L.L. Brasier and John Wisely, Detroit Free Press Staff Writers 10:05 a.m. EDT October 19, 2014

Read the article…++And there is more to this issue of the Judge’s misconduct than is apparent!

1) Secretary of State officials said motorists with restricted licenses can’t suddenly select “community services” or volunteer, and then begin driving. Community service has to be ordered by a judge overseeing a case.

2)”Volunteering is not community service for the purpose of a driving restriction,” said Fred Woodhams spokesman for the Michigan Secretary of State. “It’s for people who have been ordered by a judge to perform community service in lieu of or in addition to jail time or court fines.”

3)Whipple’s father, Kenneth Whipple, is a retired auto executive who hosted a fund-raiser at his Bloomfield Hills home June 4 for MacKenzie’s re-election campaign, raising $11,175. MacKenzie, through a spokesperson, denied any connection between the fund-raiser and his relationship with David Whipple.

4)Sheriff’s deputies conduct background checks on people who apply to work for the sheriff as well as those who work in some other areas of county government, including the information technology department, because they have access to classified computer networks.

6)A video obtained by the Detroit Free Press, with a truck in the background registered to David Whipple’s West Bloomfield Address, appears to show Whipple, a convicted felon, putting up Judge Brian MacKenzie signs. Detroit Free Press….And he has no license to drive for this volunteer “JOB”.

One has to ask the obvious, “How can this inapt, obnoxious misconduct continue to go unchecked by the authorities? How can Oakland County Police let this man drive to unauthorized “Work” knowing that he has no right to do so?

And the question has to be asked, “How much culpability is the Court and the Oakland County Sheriff’s  Department? Are they possible ignoring the obvious? These officers of the Court know who does what in the court’s system! Either they don’t know the law or, are ignoring the obvious because of potential redress coming from Judge MacKenzie? There are certainly more questions to be answered!

How can this Rogue Judge continue in office when there so many obvious misconduct issues surround him at so many levels? Additionally, “How could Judge Colleen Obrian just throw out the obvious breaking of laws when she review Prosecutor Jessica Cooper’s complaint?”

  • Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper filed a complaint last year charging MacKenzie with illegally dismissing cases. Circuit Judge Colleen O’Brien ruled that MacKenzie had violated the law at least eight times, though she declined Cooper’s request to hold MacKenzie in contempt of court.  (A good question is WHY?)
  • Are Birds of the feather flocking Together?

The Court has to apply the rules of law and acknowledge that know one is above the law, nor can a Judge act outside the legal lines of the law by implementation and interpretation bending the law to meet their own objectives which is what apparently Judge MacKenzie is doing.

The Judicial System must hold Judges, the Police Departments, and Court Administrations accountable. If they too are culpable in ignoring the misconduct of allowing these obvious infractions to continue before their eyes, investigation is required and justice demanded.

Justice has to be served. The Attorney General has to step into the action, the circuit Court of Appeals, the Judicial Review Board, Oakland County Police Division, and the Public must address the Flaunting of Law and stop this obvious misconduct and potential criminal behaviour.



Please see the Detroit Free Press publications that are very written about these activities which are listed within this article.


Slaughter of citizens must stop…NOW

isis-executing-featured[1]The Islamic States of Iraq and Syria (ISIS & ISIL) have displayed the most inhumane deaths and initiated genocide against civilians and anyone who is not of their fanatical, ideological misdirected religious convictions and their hell-bent strategy of death for all who do not accept their religious intolerance.

There is no tolerance for any different religions but only a conviction of guilt. Disagreement with their religious fanaticism is a cause and justification for death. There is no justice, no trials, no acknowledgment of laws broken; just grab non-believers and march them to an open sandpit and execute them. Those who have stood for their own religious convictions are fair game for those who kill just for the thrill of killing. Killers are rewarded by obtaining a front-row-seat in their God’s chapel.

These slaughters are efficient: just dig a large hole, march the condemned to the hole, shoot them in the back of their head, kick the bodies rolling them down into an open grave. No need to mark a slaughter’s grave site that is unimportant. ISIS/ISL has found an efficient and effective economical way of doing a murderous business, a killing business that defies common sense.

No need for transportation of trainloads of people to large furnace kilns; no need for concentration camps for those captured and a need for guarding them or feed them; trial by murder is the efficient norm. Sand blows across unmarked graves and the devil’s work is hidden forever from public view.

No records need to be kept as these people are only objects of destruction; their God was not a true GOD: but one representing a “STAIN” of godless people; their religion has no applicability in an intolerant killing zone. These people are objects to be destroyed because they have been identified as those who will not accept or join an ISIS/ISIL Ideology of monsters and murders called to GOD in a fanatical religious cause.

ISIS/ISIL has instituted a killing plague: this inhumanity to man cannot be tolerated. If the World Powers do not recognize this threat and do nothing to wipe it out, more killing and perversion will continue and it will not stop. Who will be next on the list? What country will have the next threat?

There is a duty now for a united  military response against this threat; one would design a way and means to wipe out this plague with all the intensity that the world powers can muster. Plague of ISIS/ISIL murdering indiscriminately has to be stopped now. There is no other way but to destroy this fanatisism whereever they are.

There is justification for using a powerful force to eliminating the ISIS/ISIL group of mass murders; killers who kill in the name of GOD who are themselves Godless people. When people use and abuse the rules of a loving religion for intolerance and unjustified murder kill just for the fun of killing must be eliminated.

ISIS/ISIL uses the justification of religion for its killing fields; using the ideology and religious ways of God as an excuse for their crimes requires a response equal to the offense of inhumanity that is a criminal offense to humankind. All must be brought to justice or in this case, killed on the spot as there is no apparent optional response that will stop the killing of innocent human beings.

Electrical Easements: Use and Abuse

Easement IssuesBecause I grew up in the Appalachian’s foothills and walked through the valleys and hollows, that I have a need or tendency to look up at what is around me and notice what others may not see. I notice things higher than the local traffic stop sign or stop light.

But as I look around the community and traveling on main and side roads, I am grossed-out at the use, or the abuse of the electrical easements.

Electrical Hanging Chad

There is a need to review the use and potential abuse of the hanging of technological wiring and miscellaneous wires on the easement  wiring poles. Many are becoming an obnoxious visual mess which in many cases are detrimental to the community. With a potential for criminal activities accessing these lines, a serious disruption of critical services is possible.

Correction to remedy this mess of accumulating lines hanging from these poles is necessary. Specifically, when will too much weight or excessive amount of lines on these poles be acknowledged?

I would ask that the Administration look at the electrical line mess; if there are valid safety issues in areas noted along walks, paths, or through woods, back yards or along the roads, address those issues with the appropriate owners.

Too low

Too low ?


Technological Impact needs review.

Technological Impact needs review.






Thee is a need for line adjustment or relocation and a visual correction of low lines as well as cleaning up the mess of lines.

These pictures taken are only a few of the installations that need review, and there are many lines that go through trees, brush, hang over sidewalks and bike paths and follow the main roads and side arteries within the community.

Attention to detail is important. Obviously everyone wants a “community with character” to have character. Technological advances are necessary but certainly the easements should not look like a circuit-wiring board becoming a visual detriment to the community.

2014-15 Budget is passed

The Council and the Administration have agreed on the annual 2014-15 Fiscal Budget proposed by City Manager, Tony Nowicki and presented by Marilyn Stamper, Finance Manager.

Although Mayor Hinkley had some difficulty supporting this budget because of the lack of what he perceived to be a difference in the amount of dollars budgeted for Economic Development, the Mayor concluded,”…he wasn’t comfortable with the Plan that we have or don’t have.” “Things are happening around us. People are passing Wixom by.” The Mayor thought we needed to commit more dollars toward Economic Development and utilize this money to attract new business. It disturbs him that he doesn’t see a Plan. If we don’t have a plan,we will not be successful”

If, in fact, people and businesses are passing Wixom by, perhaps it would be a great idea to find out why.

Councilman, Nick Kennedy, “found it interesting that nothing was brought up about Economic Development during the Budget Sessions.” “…To say that we don’t have a Plan is a misnomer. “…We are moving ahead with talking to the businesses in regard to Economic Development.”

Councilwoman, Lori Rich stated, “..that the Mayor did mention Economic Development a couple of times during the Budget Session. However, “…she completely disagreed with his concerns. ” Ms. Rich stated that she agreed more with Mr Kennedy’s opinion overall in terms of Economic Development; however, we need to recognize what the city is and what it is not. We are not Troy, Auburn Hills, or Novi…and she liked the uniqueness of what the city is and what it is not.”

Ms.Rich concluded that,”…Administrations over the years, including this Administration, has moved forward with Economic Development and it has worked and it is serving the City quite well.”

The Mayor’s final point was that, “…what he has been waiting for is a report out City being newly identified. The Mayor reluctantly  supports the budget and he was making it known that we don’t have a (Economic Development) Plan.

Nevertheless, the Council passed the Budget totaling $11,625,662 in expenses.

The list of expenditures are listed.


City Council $ 14,876

City Manager $ 3,261

Assessor $ 177,488

Building $ 366,382

Legal Council $ 55,000

City Clerk $ 197,229

information Systems $ 136,284

Financial Administration $ 318,786

General Operating $ 776,194

Building Maintenance $ 60,300

Cultural Center $ 305,909

Fire $ 983,459

Police $ 3,358,139

DPW $ 1,594,664

Zoning Board of Appeals $ 2, 400

Board of Review $ 1,196

Planning Committee $ 95,600

Senior Citizen Committee $ 60,142

Parks and Recreation $ 334,957

Interfund Transfers $ 2,477,396

Total Expenditures $ 11,625,662

The entire noted comments and the Fiscal Year 2014-15 Budget is found within the minutes of May 27,2014.

Coming Next:

           * What is Economic Development and its defining characteristics

           * Budget in detail, moving forward

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