Transparency: Knowing Your Government

There is no transparency of what our present Mayor and Council are doing relative to the Administration’s hiring of personnel, spending of your tax dollars, credit card spending, performance reviews, and the ever-hidden Manager’s “Dictatorial Policies.”

These dictates are the ways and means of controlling staff and business relationships.

For example, City Manager’s use undisclosed or hidden directives to their staff and all subservient agencies and businesses working for the City. Many receive orders not to disclose or comment to the public on their business relationships.

Additionally, there are those directives to companies to support certain tax initiatives. Managers request businesses through memos requesting a positive slant or coerce a Company to urge a vote for a proposal as the Administration requests it. If the Company desires to continue to do business with the City, they will comply with the manager’s request in the best possible way they can.

Recognized and acknowledged that there are digital copies submitted of almost every document required for Administrative or Council review sent to the City Clerk for the Administration’s and /or Council’s requirements for business review, and Council’s meetings.

It is very easy to have that data transferred to the City’s website prior to the Council’s meeting for the public to review. Consolidating the E-package, takes little time and expense to prepare the Council’s Packet for their meetings. This same packet could be transferred to the City’s web site for public review and comment.

Transparency of what is going on is in the community’s best interest. Why the secrecy?

Why is there Council’s resistance to letting the public know how and where their working tax-dollars are vested?

There is considerable resistance from some members of the Council; specifically, Councilman Ziegler. He desires to keep things the way they are. To allow the transparency of what Council is dealing with is not in the public’s interest; therefore, Mr. Ziegler likes to keep the facts rather hidden, and the system of nondisclosure to the public is in the best interest of all. Specifically for the Administration and the Council.

As noted in my Header: Facts Are Troublesome! (J. Adams)

This nondisclosure is reasonable for Mr.Ziegler. He likes to keep “things” and the public in the dark. Why should the public need to know what actions or reports the Mayor and the Council are considering? The Agenda is enough and is all that is needed: end of subject.

Noteworthy is the fact that there is no info in the Agenda relative to transparency of the subject/s details.

Note the present lack of transparency and unavailable facts for the reason Mr. Nowicki resigned from the City Manager’s position. Do you know why? Does the Public know why? NO PUBLIC REASON IS ON COUNCIL’S RECORD!. Therefore, there is no transparency but perhaps there is connivance?

It is difficult to understand why any elected official would not want to let his constituency understand what and why issues are the way they are and the legitimate reason for any action required by the Mayor or Council.

What is the reason (and a good reason) for Mr. Ziegler’s statement…I like the way the Council packet exists is the answer.

Perhaps too, with limited access to the facts, the real question to our elected officials, “Is Council’s secrecy have priority over the public’s need to know?”

Obviously, YES!

Apparently, Council operates under its own rules and the public is not allowed to observe that domain of  understanding the ways and means of our own government at work.

Get those petitions for Mayor and Council submitted NOW!

Your VOTE can CHANGE this SECRECY and non-disclosure of public business. 


Deadline for Wixom’s Election Petitions

Citizens Take Note!

Please consider filing a petition for election to the Council if your interested in preserving this fine community.

The Council is desperately in need of qualified, concerned, ETHICAL citizens to run for the offices of Council and Mayor. Never before has there been such a desperate need for honorable electable candidates (and LEADERSHIP) as now.

The present Council has created much damage to the  economic recovery of the community by covert political actions. Re-election of the present Mayor and Councilmen will be disastrous to the community.

Attend the City Council meetings; you don’t have to say anything, but understand what is going on and the way the Council is operating.

A “Community With Character” needs ETHICAL leadership and now is the time to make the change; time is running out for residents to secure the future of the community. File your petition for the Leadership positions NOW!

File a PETITION: and VOTERS will elect neighbors to Council who care about the City Charter and will serve in the best interests of the City by not administrating vindictive obstructive management.

Voters all understand “you” get what is vote for. Wixom does not need or want this present political despicable and wretched behaviour in the community.

Citizens…PLEASE consider this request! It is an urgent appeal for you to consider running for office and the deadline is only nine-days away. 

DEADLINE, Tuesday, April 21

 Nominating Petitions for the Offices of Mayor (two-year term), Council Members (3 four-year terms), and Library Board (2 six-year terms and 1 partial-term) are due by 4:00 pm. Please contact the City Clerk for more information at

(248) 624-4557

 Date: April 21, 2015

Time:4:00 PM

 Location:City Clerk’s Office

 Address:49045 Pontiac Trail
Wixom, MI 48393

Your sincere attention to this matter is sincerely appreciated.



City Charter: Least one forgets

Sec. 4.7. Mayor.

The Mayor shall be a member of the Council. In addition, he shall preside at meetings of the Council and vote at such meetings as any other member of the Council. The Mayor shall be recognized as head of the City government for all ceremonial purposes and by the Governor for purposes of military law, but shall have no administrative duties unless expressly authorized by this Charter or statute. The Council shall elect from among its members a Deputy Mayor who shall act as Mayor during the absence or disability of the Mayor and, if a vacancy occurs, shall become Mayor for the remainder of the unexpired term.

Sec. 5.3. Acting city manager.

By letter filed with the City Clerk, the Manager shall designate, subject to approval of the Council, a qualified City administrative officer to exercise the powers and perform the duties of Manager during his temporary absence or disability. During such absence or disability, the Council may revoke such designation at any time and appoint another officer of the City to serve until the Manager shall return or his disability shall cease.

Did anyone read the “Job Description and Required qualifications?”

Sec. 6.5. Chief of police.

The Chief of Police shall be the administrative head of the Police Department, and he shall be accountable and responsible to the Manager for the performance of his duties. He shall perform all duties as may be prescribed for him by law, this charter, the Manager and/or ordinance or resolutions of the Council.

Sec. 6.6. Fire chief.

The Fire Chief shall be the administrative head of the Fire Department and he shall be accountable and responsible to the Manager for the performance of his duties. He shall perform all duties as may be prescribed for him by law, this charter, the Manager, and/or ordinances or resolutions of the Council.

Interested in serving this community? Now is the time to pull election petitions for the Council’s and the Mayor’s positions!


Council’s Despicable Action: Remember this!

Anyone experienced in a Management position understands and knows that there are professional ways of dismissing any Professional employee. This despicable action by the Mayor and these Council members apparently do not understand ethical management or management in general.

Voters must take note!

No Public meeting noted a deficiency in a 99.99 % effective performance rating when  all objectives previously established and approved by the Mayor and Council were accomplished by Mr. Nowicki and his Staff.

At the Special Meeting on Monday, March 23, 2015, the Wixom City Council made the following motion:

CM-03-35-15: Moved and seconded by Deputy Mayor Ziegler and Council member Beagle to offer a separation Agreement to City Manager Anthony W. Nowicki, which shall include a provision stating that the separation is mutual and without cause and with severance for a period of six months at his current salary with accumulated vacation time and prorated personal business leave, subject to review by legal counsel. Further, the parties have agreed that the City Manager’s employment status will be paid administrative leave effective March 24, 2015 until further notice by the Wixom City Council.

Roll Call Vote: (5) AYES – Beagle, Giddings, Hinkley, Rzeznik, Ziegler

(2) NAYS – Kennedy, Rich…..

Thanks for your integrity in the “NAY”voting!

Motion Carried

Mayor’s and Council’s Actions: Despicable

In an executive meeting to discuss the performance of Mr. Nowicki, the Mayor and Council forced the resignation of Mr. Nowicki.He is now on Administrative leave until the separation documents are finalized and signed.

In an amazing display of retaliation and despicable logic, the Mayor and Council gave no option to Mr. Nowicki but to resign from the City Manager’s position.

This Executive Council session to administer the performance review was not a review of performance, but an action of retribution for not supporting a status-quo staffing and organizational position. This was an attack by the Mayor and Council on an ethical Administrator who did what an honorable City Manager is hired to do: manage a Community’s affairs and services. Mr. Nowicki brought the City out of a desperate economic situation, and he did it very well.

There is no easy way to do a tough job; but when relatives of employees are involved, layoffs and retirements get personal. Specifically with those individuals are related to elected officials who are in powerful positions; it is also unfortunately these same individuals may have little or no ethics…but love power; and they use it!

Mr. Nowicki’s performance review was a vindictive attack of personal vengeance directed specifically at an ethical man who has accomplished what the previous City Managers could not accomplish. The list of savings and goals accomplished are without question 99.9 percent perfectly complete. Check the records.

The real Mayor and Council’s problem: Mr. Nowicki was not a yes man! Nor did he bow-down to unethical requests or witch hunts.

Mr. Nowicki’s resignation makes no sense. Anyone who knows anything about the City’s operations and management has to acknowledge how successful Mr. Nowicki has been in meeting all the Council’s established goals and objectives. These past years, Mr. Nowicki has brought down costs, organized efficient and effective staffing and his team of management style redefined the Administration. The delivery of city services has continued and improved under his management.

The appointment of Clarence Goodlein to the City Manager’s position is ridiculous, almost a joke. He has not the experience, background, expertise, or people skills to manage the Administration or the affairs of the City Manager’s office. His position of Director of Public Safety was a public fraud as no department ever existed! This is how the City is now operating under this mayor and councils control.

The vindictiveness of the Council, and their priorities are misplaced. Specifically the Mayor and Councilman Richard Ziegler (along with the sheep that followed) have jeopardized the City’s present Administrative and economic future.

There are members of Council that I would have never thought possible to have taken such action without a public acknowledgment of the issues that were in contention with the performance of Mr. Nowicki. However, power is said to corrupt

These diabolical antics are improper for any Mayor or members of Council. What is further astonishing is the sheep following along after who are acknowledged as the initiators of the issues: the Mayor and Councilman Ziegler.

It is hoped that the residents of Wixom take note of the Management or rather the lack of common sense Management in the Administration of City Affairs. Wixom has now been placed in a position of unreasonable risk because of the intolerable actions against a true City Manager with excellent skills.

Voters elected a Mayor, not a “KING” and it is time for the King to understand that the role of a Mayor is to lead, not to destroy.

To destroy a successful Administration and to appoint an individual to lead the City who has no idea of what that job entails is absolute management at its worst. Power out of control?

Mr.Goodlein does what he is told to do, no more-no less. He is a yes Man! He was the Director of a nonexistent Department Of Public Safety: given the job through a political back-door scheme.

It is acknowledged some of these same individuals are the same people that are now responsible for the putting the city in a very risky position. And that responsibility belongs directly on the desk of the Mayor and Council. Non can be blamed more that this Mayor, this Council and Mr. Ziegler.

Apparently, there is a separation agreement that must be finalized between the Mayor, Council and Mr. Nowicki.

I would hope that Mr..Nowicki is treated well in this agreement, as he has done what others cold not do and what the present Mayor and the previous City Manager did not do. Time will tell.

I have always had a high degree of respect for the Mayor’s Office and the Council’s positions. It is regrettable that I have lost respect for those who do not respect the ethics of those offices and who are unable to openly discuss issues at the Council’s table and hide behind closed doors where vendettas are more important to dispatch than the interests of their duties as public elected officials.

Leaders lead by example; many of the examples now on display by our elected officials are not worthy of their office. Their sitting in the Council’s seats they hold,  has put Wixom in a state of duress.

The Mayor and the Council are directly responsible for that duress and must be held accountable.