Relaxation and The Wixom Wire News

   It is  a nice day to relax and I am just sitting on the balcony enjoying the day doing absolutely nothing. No, I am not looking out upon Loon Lake, but its the next best water: the Grand Strand Bay. The weather is not as nice as I would like it, but 65 to 70 […]

Containing City Expendatures: New Budget Under Development

There is purported to be some progress made in benefits and pay structure…

Pat Johnston: “Pat’s Political Point” WSGN News RADIO

It’s a giant welfare program, but we don’t dare call it a welfare program. So instead we keep the subsidies for the rich and cut food stamps for the poor.

Judge MacKenzie under Scrutiny

    Novi District Judge Brian MacKenzie  /  Kathleen Galligan/Detroit Free Press There have been “rumors” for many years that Judge MacKenzie and his wife were somehow intertwined within the Judicial system relative to the JAMS programs. Apparently, the Detroit Free Press has identified a potential relationship. Accordingly, Judge MacKenxie has stated that he has no relationship with […]

Party needs to win vs National needs

…a mix of politics and religion have led to more carnage than any other method for the destruction of humanity and civilizations.

“…the dangers of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement…”

One more potential nail in American worker’s coffins to nail their futures shut and to destroy the Sovereignty of the United States…

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays…Bring on a New Year!

I am looking forward to the New Year with optimism for many things…

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