City Manager and Staff: Great Performance!

The Council and taxpayers should be dancing in the streets as Mr. Nowicki and his staff have done an excellent job with reducing the City’s budget while maintaining essential services!

The City Manager and Staff have worked together and made tremendous strides in transitioning the City from a previous debt-ridden operating Administration having excessive department staffing and has stopped the continuation of an unaffordable status-quo staffing. 

The Administration has transitioned into a streamlined efficient and effective staffing that has gained control of expenditures and brought expenses in line consistent with revenues received.

Under the administrative management of Mr Nowicki (with the support of Council), City service departments have streamlined internal department efficiencies.

The City Manager and his Staff have done all the heavy-lifting: Council has given Mr. Nowicki most of the support he has needed as it should be.

However, the Council tends to micro-manage. Overview and legislation are functions of Council; adding costs and staff that the CM has not requested is not their duty.

It is under these circumstances that there are hints that Mayor Hinkley and Council members are reviewing the City Manager’s performance. There is displeasure discussed outside the purview of the public and not at the Council’s table.

What is going on?

There are Council members expressing dissatisfaction of the City Manager. Those specific reasons have yet to be voiced publicly; Council members are having discussions vie e-mails, phone-calls, etc., nothing is said at the council table. The “why” for dissatisfaction is yet to be openly disclosed.

Some Council members are apparently discussing the proposed strategy for dismissal of the City Manager without due cause. Why?

If this strategy is true, it needs to stop now. The City Manager and his staff deserve our gratitude, not an irresponsible action against Mr. Nowicki.

That some members of Council may have personal vendettas systemic from the previous Adminstration may be the reason formulated to instigate the Council’s dismal action against Mr. Nowicki. (old birds of the feather do flock together)

It is recognized that the success of the CM is not always measured in terms of balancing revenues with expenses and maintaining service provided at reduced costs through structured renegotiation. But it is a great reason to have an excellent and ethical City Manager in Mr. Nowicki. He is an attribute not a liability.

Mr. Nowicki has done an exceptional job by managing difficult staffing issues and consolidating operations management activities; none of these objectives were accomplished without tremendous forethought and planning. (should we add anxiety)

But Mr. Nowicki took on the responsibility and accountability of the City Manager’s job. His Ethics in staffing, financial management, and business operations led him to the correct conclusions in transitioning his staff for optimum delivery of service for the community.

The value of the City Manager’s administrative competence and the Council’s cooperation were instrumental in the success of moving the community forward.

Let us understand that we are in a difficult situation, and Mr. Nowicki is on the correct path. Council should let him continue with his success and work on issues worthy of their attention. For example,   demanding that the Administration of the Police Department meet the requirements of the City Charter.

After all, Council members are sworn into office to follow the City Charter, and there is an obligation of duty to comply.

Citizens need to pay attention to this council’s actions and remember this activity in the next election.


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays


From my family to you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

There is a considerable amount of torment and anxiety in the country at this time but let us remember the reason for the season and be thankful for family, friends and neighbors.

Thanks too for all those who work as Police Officers, Firefighters, EMS Servers, Doctors, Nurses and to all those volunteers and support groups that do so much for so many during these and their difficult times.

Little things mean a lot; so do what you can, when you can, and  where you can. Please do not forgot those who have served in the Armed services and remember those who have given all to protect the freedoms that we enjoy in our daily lives.

Thanks to all those volunteers here in Wixom who do so much to serve and care for this Community With Character; a community that is a place where peace and tranquility prevail.

If you are traveling, travel safe; the coming year will be a better place here in Wixom because of your interests, your concern, and your safe return.

Best Wishes to all.

Too young…for death

It is a fact of life that the unexpected can pounce upon anyone at anytime. It is also a fact that the unexpected happens and alters not only the life of the one affected but also related family members and friends.

At the Council meeting of December 9th, I sat between former Councilwoman, Nancy Dingeldey and Mr.Goodlein in the back of the council’s meeting room.We were listening attentively to a representative from the accounting firm of Plante Moran who made a presentation about the budget-audit that the firm had just completed.

As the Council moved on to other business, I watched as a young man walked to the podium to answer some questions related to the DPW. He walked with a swagger of confidence and responded to the questions with straight-forward, clear and concise answers.

He smiled ever so slightly when the Mayor ask him to give his name and address, as is the policy of all who address the council. He did so with a smile and a shaking of the head; he turned then and went back to his seat having satisfied the council’s request.

As I noted earlier, it is a fact of life that the unexpected can pounce upon anyone at anytime; however, it is more than astonishing when I opened the e-mail from the City of Wixom noting the Mike Howell, Director of the DPW had passed away just hours after leaving that council meeting.

I did not know Mike on a personal basis, but professionally; he was a professional. He too will certainly be missed.

My astonishment is that Mike has died so very young and my sympathies go out to his family and friends. It too makes me very aware of how tragedy can strike at anytime. It too makes me very aware to ensure that when I see or talk to someone, that I have to acknowledge that this meeting is a fleeting moment in time and to promise myself to really see the person and take advantage of that personal moment.

I will remember this moment at the Council meeting and the smile of Mike when he walked away from the podium. I too remember watching him as he walked down the hallway leaving the council meeting after adjournment.

I will remember this moment, but never would I have ever believed that this moment in time would be the last time that I would ever see Mike. It is too unimaginable, too surreal for believed.

The unexpected should not have happened to such a young man who had a full life ahead of him. In his absence there is a sorrow that facts and death are more than troublesome; now and then they are astonishingly absurd.

Now is one of those times. For me and others, I am certain that it is a time when Christmas almost seems to have little relevance.


The information for visitation and services for Mike Howell are as follows:


Monday 5:oo pm to 9:00 pm

Tuesday 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Service at the Funeral Home:

Wednesday: 11:00 am

L. J. Griffin Funeral Home – Westland

7707 Middlebelt Road
Westland, MI 48185

Telephone: (734) 522-9400


Ferguson City

If your brown your down in Ferguson City

Justice prevails when white power is the only right

Four-hours in the heat lies a body in the street

While brown is down, justice died in the city


If your brown your down in Ferguson City

It is might that makes right in the darkness of night

Bigots, guns, bullets and gas filled the crowded streets

Prejudice looks for a place to put a body down


While whites try to make right a justice system lays dying

People march and shout hands up, don’t shoot

White are our palms, do you not see the whiteness

In the darkness hands up or down makes no difference

At night, if your brown your down in Ferguson City


Justice cries out in the night, Mothers’ tears fall on the scales

weighed heavy with the deaths of colored youth

If justice is colorblind, why does she not see that white power

does not make killing right

If your brown your down in Ferguson City


Justice must prevail for Ferguson City to survive

Ethical men and justice understands that death

shows no preference to color

When color is targeted injustice is legally accepted

But injustice can kill equally men of any color


Black and white become equally hunted

Civility of men of all colors requires justice equally applied

And for Ferguson City to survive no more brown can be shot down

If justice is to prevail the killings must stop


Tis said all colors of men are made equally dead

Man’s inhumanity to man and white power makes no killing right

Many Ferguson Cities in the Nation do exist

Resistance to injustice and death must persist





City of Wixom: Positive Entrepreneurial Climate


CONTACT: Tony Nowicki, City Manager, 248.624.0894

Wixom, MI – November 13, 2014

UM-Dearborn’s iLabs’ eCities research recognizes the City of Wixom

for its Positive Entrepreneurial Climate

WIXOM, MI, November 13, 2014 – For the seventh time in eight years, the City of Wixom has been recognized for its work to foster entrepreneurial growth and economic development. In the annual eCities study conducted by researchers at iLabs, University of Michigan-Dearborn’s Center for Innovation Research, Wixom was selected and honored as a five star community along with 32 other communities across the state.

According to City Manager Tony Nowicki, “This recognition by the University of Michigan is validation of our efforts to support and improve the entrepreneurial client of Wixom. Successful businesses are the foundation of strong and stable communities, and our staff is committed to creating a community climate that enables businesses to develop, grow and prosper.”

Most recently, the City of Wixom established a series of improvements to services including:

The level of in-house plan reviews has been increased which reduces the cost of doing business in the City. All 3rd party plan reviews have been eliminated and all construction plan reviews are conducted in-house.

The use of “Job Boards” for commercial projects to post timely inspection results.

The ability to conduct in-house fire suppression/alarm plan review which ultimately leads to a decrease in permit turn-around time.

New construction permit applications that are user-friendly and easily converted for future website use.

Updated customer oriented hand-outs and guides which will be issued after the first of the year.

Dramatically reduced time frames in the permitting process from initial permit intake to final issuance of permit.

Reduced construction plan review times to less than 10 days for commercial projects and less than 5 days for residential.

A document storage and retention program to reduce paper consumption.

Restructured permit fee schedules to insure compliance with state requirements and provide more efficient and practical enforcement measures, without unnecessarily increasing fees.

Standard operating procedures for construction and development services.

Participation in Oakland County’s One-Stop Ready Program with implementation of their concepts.

The following are listings of five-star and four-star communities as determined by iLabs at the University of Michigan.

Five-Star Communities (*denotes best practice community)

Five-star communities spent a combined $2.6 million on economic development, had more than $140 million in additions to assets in the past year and had more than $19 billion in combined real and personal property values.

Ann Arbor Charter Township

City of Ann Arbor

City of Auburn Hills

City of Dearborn

Delta Charter Township*

City of Grand Blanc

City of Grandville

Kochville Township

Marquette Charter Township

City of Midland*

City of Northville

Plymouth Township

City of Plymouth

City of Rochester Hills

City of Sault Ste. Marie*

City of Wixom

Four-Star Communities (*denotes best practice community)

Four-star communities combined for over $11 billion in construction, issued more than 1,800 commercial construction permits and spent more than $3.5 million in economic development.

Cascade Charter Township

City of Coldwater

City of Livonia

City of Madison Heights*

City of Mason

City of Novi

City of Marquette

Charter Township of Meridian

Northville Charter Township

City of Rochester

City of Romulus

City of Saline*

Scio Township

City of Southfield

City of Sterling Heights

City of Tecumseh

City of Woodhaven

The eCities research surveyed 83 communities from 30 counties in Michigan that are home to 26 percent of Michigan residents and 33 percent of its college graduates. These communities count nearly one quarter of the state’s entrepreneurs with over $2.6 billion in self-employed income as residents. These communities also had more than $12.3 billion in 2013 commercial construction and account for more than 31 percent of Michigan’s commercial property.

We are seeing the nature of economic development evolving, and eCities is a tool to help local governments demonstrate their role in the changing economy. These governments are supporting unique and innovative efforts locally, while collaborating regionally to help Michigan business compete in an ever-changing business climate,” said Tim Davis, director, iLabs.

The communities will be honored today, Thursday, November 13, at UM-Dearborn. Support for eCities is provided in part by the DTE Energy Foundation, Miller Canfield, Oakland County Economic Development and Community Affairs and UM-Dearborn’s College of Business.

The annual eCities research project, which began in 2007, uses data supplied by the participants, as well as other public records to assemble a six-factor, 32-item index of entrepreneurial activity, looking at such factors as clustering, incentives, growth, policies, community and education. The study focuses on entrepreneurship because of its importance to expansion and diversification of Michigan’s regional economies and the impact small businesses have on job creation. To date, 197 communities across Michigan have participated in the study.

Pretty GOOD don’t you think!

Rant for the Day

To all my Republican Friends and to Congress: Quit all the Bitching and get to work and DO SOMETHING: your JOB!

That is why you were elected, and that is why your are getting paid. Earn your money and all those  paid medical benefits and free luncheons.

As the old saying goes, LEAD, Follow or Get the hell out of the WAY!!


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