Council Misconduct Noted!

What is the punishment to the Mayor and the Councilmen who do not follow the City Charter in matters that are significant to the discharge of their elected duties?

Apparently, NOTHING!

In discharging City Manager, Mr. Tony Nowicki, the details of such discharge are covered in Section 5.1 of the Charter. There was not even a smattering of evidence nor documentation that the City Charter was even considered in the determination of dismissal of Mr. Nowicki.

As noted in an earlier publication, the City Charter requirements are well documented.

To date, nothing has hampered these elected officials. There is a total disregard by Mayor and Council for discussing the activities or reasons why the effective Mr. Nowicki was dismissed. However, the Mayor, Mr. Hinkley and the Deputy Mayor, Mr. Ziegler, duties go on without even a blush of effect.

Furthermore, the Acting City Manager, Mr. Goodlein, after his retirement from the City of Wixom and a defunct potential career change, came back into the City government by having been appointed to a non-existent Department of Public Safety. Astonishingly, Mr. Goodlein who has no background in City Management or qualification for such a position, was appointed Acting City Manager and continues his career.

There is more going on behind closed doors at City Hall than the public is aware. There is no transparency of these and other City activities and the total disregard of City Charter requirements tends to be the normal practice.

Only Mr. Kennedy and Ms. Rich have shown integrity in voting in these matters. There is no public outcry nor is there any Newspapers that once would pounce on such matters with vindictive force in their publications.

There needs to be punishment for these elected officials and the election is months away. Nevertheless, the public, and my readers must address this situation and remember these facts on election day. The punishment has to be not reelecting these candidates.

When elected officials in office cannot discharge their sworn duties and follow the City Charter’s requirements, they should not be reelected to their positions of leadership within the City Council. When serving in public office, there is nothing as important as integrity, honesty, transparency and the discharge of your sworn duties as an elected official.

The continuation of appointing those who are not qualified into critical City positions of power and management has to stop. As does the hiring of family members to city jobs without posting these jobs to the public for obtaining qualified candidates. The only way to stop this misconduct is to retire once and for all those who are now in office making the appointments and the hiring.

Here is what former Councilman, William Wyllie has to say about the activities of the Mayor and Council. Wixom City Council Meeting __________April 28, 2015 _______Page 4


William Wyllie, 2093 Teaneck Circle, stated that the review of the City Charter indicates that the Charter does not speak to decisions by the Council which may be difficult or easy. It does not speak to decisions by the Council which may be popular or unpopular. The Charter does speak to actions by Council which are required to be taken at open meetings so that the residents, voters and taxpayers may know those actions, if they so wish. They may know the results of the vote taken, if they so wish. This enables the voters to decide the popularity of Council actions at the time of the next election. Chapter 5, Section 5.4, Paragraph B of the Charter clearly states the Council must adopt a preliminary resolution in open session regarding the removal of the City Manager. It also states other requirements for that resolution. Council did not comply with those requirements of the Charter. Perhaps clever people found a way around the requirements of the Charter to induce actions in closed session which would allow Council to avoid public access to their actions. It makes one wonder if an actual vote was taken on this matter in closed session, which not only would violate the Charter, but would also violate the Open Meetings Act of the State of Michigan. Further review of the Charter indicates that Section 5.1 states a Council will appoint a City Manager for an indefinite term. If memory serves, the Council in session at the time of the appointment of the recent City Manager made the appointment for a fixed period of time. Perhaps clever people found a way around the Charter at that time as well. It is interesting to note that when investigating an issue like this, other bits of information start to float to the surface. Some of them could lead one to the suspicion of whether Council plays loosely with the requirements or limitations of the Charter in other ways. The residents, voters and taxpayers of Wixom have a right to know so that informed decisions can be made at the next election.

Thank you, Mr. Wyllie!


Mack Park Dedication: History in the making

History was made on this day and the Community With Character was so united in purpose and deed and so very  proud to have Dedicated Mack Park.

Hidden in the Park

Hidden in the Park


June 10, 1990

By Mayor, Wayne Glessner

Greetings and Welcome:Honored Guests, Color Guard, School Children and Teachers, Citizens, City Staff and Elected Officials. It is indeed an Honor to be given the opportunity and privileged to be able to participate in this Dedication Ceremony today.

And before I say anything more, there are a number of honored guests that need to be introduced: the Mack family and their guests.

The Wixom’s skies have not fully cooperated, but it is always a wonderful day when a community gathers together in mutual accord to honor a man, his wife, and their family for the contributions that they have made toward the development and benefit of the community.

Henry and Helen Mack have been consistent contributing members of this community for many years. Henry, as Mayor, and Helen, First Lady of Wixom have held the stewardship of the community in their very capable hands over many years, but specifically over the past four-years.

It was during these past years that our community was brought together in a spirit of mutual harmony. It too was during these years that Henry Mack used his foresight, leadership, and guidance to initiate several programs that have had tremendous impact on our community. The results of his initiatives are presently being realized, as we implement our Internal Roads Project, and as we present our Civic Center Development Plan before the citizens of the community.

The Leadership of Henry Mack has enabled this community to position and posture itself to face the decade of the nineties with an optimistic view; and we are significantly closer to resolving many of our more serious problems created by the tremendous growth that has encompassed our community.

There are other items, to numerous to mention, where Henry Mack has demonstrated sound judgment and superior leadership capabilities. It must be recognized that Henry Mack and Helen Mack have been steadfast in their interests in developing this community.

It must be further recognized that their steadfastness is consistent and an attribute not so common in today’s times.

Henry and Helen have stood side-by-side in fifty-two years of marriage; they have been through the trials and tribulations of raising a family, the education of their children while making a living. No one could do more.

We are gathered here today to honor that which is most important in life…recognizing a man’s and wife’s dedication to each other, to their family, and to their community which they have called home.

As we stand here on this June 10th day, we should look around at our surroundings and be cognizant of where we are now standing. We stand here in the center—at the very heart—of our community. It is here where the roots of this community grew out of the ground. It is here—at this very place—that our community leaders of long ago established the beginnings of what we now recognize as the heart of Wixom.

It is therefore fitting and appropriate that this beautiful park is dedicated to Henry and Helen Mack and their family; it is obvious that as this Park is located in the Heart of the Community…in its dedication to the Mack Family, it is obvious that they are in the Heart of all our citizens today.

(Unveiling the Marker)

 Mack Dedication Marker

It is with considerable pride and pleasure that we dedicate and name this Park, “Mack Park” as a tribute to Henry and Helen Mack and their Family.

Read the Marker

After the marker was read and noted, Mayor, Wayne Glessner continued his comments.

Over the years I have had the opportunity and privileges to have spoken with several of our previous Mayors and many of our elected officials about government, and about the Mayor’s role in the governing process.

In a short meeting that I had with Henry Mack prior to his leaving the office of Mayor, Henry made a statement to me that I believe represents his character ad his nature.

He said, ”Wayne, the Mayor should be recognized as being the Conscience of the Community.” Henry also talked about the need for setting realistic goals and high standards for ourselves and the people we intend to serve within our community.

Henry’s comments to me revealed his caring for the community and his sense of balance about the government process and the role of the Mayor in government.

Henry’s comments to me brought back into my mind another man’s remarks that I had heard long ago. I noted that there must be a common thread woven through some men, and not others.

The remarks that I remembered were made by a young, John Kennedy in his closing comments at his inauguration address. He said, ”Whether you are a Citizen of America or a Citizen of the World, ask of us here the same high standards of strength and sacrifice which we ask of you.”

It is recognized that Wixom and the office of Mayor is a very long way from Washington and the office of President; but, there is a common thread woven through some men, and not others.

Kennedy also said, ”That with a good Conscience as our sure reward, with History the final judge of our deeds, that here on Earth God’s work must truly be our own.”

The deed that we have gathered here today to do, and how well Wixom’s History judge our deed, can be answered by us with a good Conscience, and it is our sure reward. We the Citizens of Wixom may now go forth with a good Conscience knowing that here, today, we will dedicate a legacy-stone called “Mack Park” in honor of the Mack Family.

Let Wixom’s History record what we will do here today, so that tomorrow’s children may understand the value of the deed, the value of the family and of the Dedication. For here in the heart of Wixom, in the place that we love, we have placed a marker reflecting our community’s Conscience and our acknowledgment of what the Mack Family represents to the community.

We recognize and honor Henry and Helen Mack and their family and we thank them for their generosity.

Thank you,

Mayor, Wayne L. Glessner

June 10, 1990

It should be noted that Henry Mack and the Family appreciated the honor and the dedication; however, Henry somewhat joking said that he did not really care for the Marker Stone as it looked too much like a tombstone!

Mack Park Today

The Heart of the Community beats strong!

The Heart of the Community beats strong!

Mayor and Council Ignore City Charter

In the process of forcing the resignation of City Manager, Tony Nowicki, the Mayor and Council ignored the City Charter. The vote of the dismissal came on an Amended Council Agenda which did not follow the City Charter’s requirements.

The Mayor and five Council members showed their own lack of integrity displayed in their voting YES for the dismissal of the City Manager. Only Councilman Nick Kennedy and Councilwoman, Lori Rich showed that there are two members of this council that have integrity and understand the City Charter and voted NO!

The Mayor and Council members who voted YES in forcing Mr. Nowicki’s resignation, demonstrated that  their elected obligations to the taxpayers and their professional convictions of dismissing Mr. Nowicki were severely flawed.

Mr. Nowicki and his staff had reduced the City’s Budget obligations and the so-called “fiscal cliff” was pushed out to the year 2018 or beyond.

For those who do not know the City Charter’s requirements that are in place for the dismissal of the City Manager…and for the Mayor and those Councilmen who voted YES for the dismissal of the City Manager, here are the requirements.

City Charter

Sec. 5.4. Removal.

A. The City Manager shall not be removed from office during a period of ninety (90) days following any regular City election except by the affirmative vote of five members of the Council.

B. The Council shall adopt by affirmative vote of a majority of all its members a preliminary resolution which must state the reasons for removal and may suspend the manager from dutyfor a period not to exceed forty-five (45) days. A copy of the resolution shall be delivered promptly to the Manager.

C. Within five (5) days after a copy of the resolution is delivered to the Manager, he may file with the Clerk a written request for a hearing. This hearing shall be held at a Council meeting not earlier than fifteen (15) days nor later than thirty (30) days after the request is filed. The Manager may file with the Council a written reply not later than five (5) days before the hearing. A record of the hearing shall be kept.

D. The Council may adopt a final resolution of removal, which may be made effective immediately, by affirmative vote of a majority of all its members at any time after five (5) days from the date when a copy of the preliminary resolution was delivered to the Manager, if he has not requested a public hearing, or at any time after the public hearing if he has requested one. The final resolution shall state the reason for the action.

Now the City Charter’s requirements are available to the public and the Council members are informed. Perhaps these Councilmen should have the City Clerk read to them their sworn Oath of Office.

To neglect their obligations as elected officials of the City and to ignore their individual “sworn oath” of office is offensive. The City of Wixom deserves better legislators.

The coming election should require and demand change in the Mayor and Council. This Community With Character deserves better.

History: Election 1983

Glessner ElectionHere is a part of history that is a memory that makes me think of a time when Wixom was a small town with big ideas for development. You might note some familiar names in this article.

There are some on the present Council that may consider those noted in the Spinal Column article as “has-beens.” Yet those noted within the article got the work done without deception or contrivance. Even in defeat, they gave and still give much to the community they love.


Former Councilman Lectures Mayor and Council!

Former Councilman speaks out for residents, and there are many residents and taxpayers who do agree with his comments: some are known as the so-called “has-beens.”

More residents need to speak out noting that inappropriate actions of the Council and Mayor are unacceptable.

CALL TO THE PUBLIC: Meeting of April 14, 2015

William Wyllie, 2093 Teaneck Circle, stated that he had four issues to bring before Council. The first took place about four weeks ago. He said that he didn’t see any official activity taking place until an amended agenda came through to change the City Manager. Mr. Wyllie said that Section 5.4 of the City Charter addresses the procedure for the Council to follow when taking action on a replacement and he saw no indication that the Council did this. It was his opinion that the Council disregarded the City Charter, they avoided it, or they were simply unaware of it. He felt the lack of publicity was unsatisfactory.

Second, in regard to the budget presentation, it appeared to him that the Council took no consideration of the financial problems the City would face at the end of the tax increase. He didn’t think the Council was serving the citizens by ignoring the annual deficit facing the City when the millage is up. He attended the Mayor’s State of the City Address a few weeks ago and this was never mentioned. He also attended a Meet the Candidate night, and it was never discussed there either. He thought there should be an update to the financial forecast and he has seen no mention of this in the prior minutes. Council needs to get down to the issue. If we continue this way, Mr. Wyllie felt that the City would be in need of an Emergency Manager. He told the Council that they must address this issue now.

Third, about six to eight months ago, he was informed of a FOIA request made by Councilmembers regarding emails of the City Manager. He thought this issue might have included him. At that time, he decided not to take any action on this, but seeing what has taken place recently, he now feels that he will have to investigate this for his own benefit. He would like to know who made the request, what was done and what impact it might have on him.

Lastly, Mr. Wyllie felt that the atmosphere and the discussion among the Council is a very poor representation of the City of Wixom. He told the Council that he would start attending Council meetings again and he hoped to see a little better action between the Councilmembers than what he saw tonight. He didn’t believe their actions were a good representation of our City.

You may find the full discussion of the meeting on the City of Wixom’s web site